Buy An iPad Now or Wait

Another topic that seems to dominate the technical news is the iPad.  It has been so popular, I have hesitated talking about them.  However, I got one for the holidays and I also gave one to my wife.  We were both very skeptical at first.  We did not think we really needed one since we already had Smartphones (an iPhone for me and a Blackberry for her) and we each had a laptop.  Where would this fit in? See my previous post:

Get a New Laptop Or An iPad

iPad now or later?

In addition to the question of do we really need one, we didn’t know if should buy one or wait for iPad 2.  We broke down and surprised each other. I am so glad we did.  They are great.  The iPad is not perfect, but it sure is fun.  Do we really need it?  No.  But it is fun and it is useful.

I can carry it around the house and when I am out and about and do 90% of what I could with a laptop.  I justified it by realizing that I can cancel, or at least cut back, waaayyy back on my cable TV bill.

There are two key questions:
1) Should I get an iPad now, or wait for iPad 2?
2) This is the real question: –> Should I get an iPad or not?

iPad or iPadx2

I’ll address #2 first.  Whether you get one or not is very simple.  What do you need it for?  If you can only afford one device and need to get real work done, then a laptop is a must.  If you want to read, watch videos, and surf most of the web (no flash videos – which are still fairly common); and love convenience, then the iPad is great.

Is now the right time to buy, or wait?  Well, do you love the latest and greatest or do you need immediate satisfaction?

Nobody knows for sure when the next version of the iPad will come out or what it will have.  There are tons of rumors, but no one knows for sure.

Prediction are it will come out is fairly wide: Anywhere between the one year anniversary of the iPad, i.e., April, to June, when the usually announce the iPhone updates.  I’m leaning more towards April.

The bigger question is what new feature will it have?  Apple is notorious for keeping that information private.  The rumors and possibilities are unlimited. Smaller, bigger, lighter, higher resolution display, more memory, one camera, two cameras, USB port, SD card slot, faster processor, etc . . .

However, the Wall Street Journal (which is usually trustworthy) made an unusual announcement. the iPad 2 is in production, getting ready for a release in the next few months.  It will be lighter, have a faster processor, have at least one camera (forward facing for video conferencing), have a more powerful graphics processor, but the resolution of the display will be similar to the current version.

So, do you wait or get one now?  Personally, I am glad I have mine because I am getting all these months of use.  The potential new features are very nice, but don’t seem to really add something I do not get from the current version (except video conferencing).  If, on the other hand, you believe the April date and can wait, I would do so. Then you can get the latest and greatest or get the current version at a reduced price.

Good Luck with your decision!

Let me know what you decide,
Richard Lazovick

NOTE: If you decide to wait, I would not hesitate.  Get as much use out of the latest version before they announce a newer one.  Otherwise you will always be playing the wait and see game.

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