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iPhone Ringtones: Create FREE iPhone Ringtones

Do you like the idea of having unique Ringtones?  For those of you who have not made the jump to special ringtones, they are the sounds that your phone makes when you get an incoming call. You can get them all over the place, but usually they come with a small fee, or when you […]

Liven Your Messages With Emoticons

Are you sending dull emails and text messages to your friends?  Do you want to add some life and convey more meaning in your messages? The answer is simple: Use Emoticons. You have seen them everywhere.  They are those cute little icons.  Originally they were just smiley faces  🙂 – used to indicate a light-hearted […]

iPhone Hidden Feature – Undo

Surprise, there are a bunch a undocumented iPhone/iPod Touch features that exist and are very useful. One such feature came in handy yesterday, so I wanted to share it with you. The Feature is an Undo. So how do you do it?  Turns out, this is very simple. When you look at the iPhone/iPod Touch, […]

Which iPhone Should I Buy?

It seems that everywhere I look, I see people using Apple’s iPhone. It is one of the most popular mobile phones around. I think the Blackberry is still the most popular overall, but there are several reasons for that: 1) The Blackberry has been around for much longer than the iPhone. 2) The Blackberry is […]

Using Text Messaging on the iPhone

Here is a quick introduction to the basics of text messaging, what it is, how to use it, and how to configure it on the Apple iPhone. Text messaging is a great little feature. As you are probably aware, it is huge. People are doing it everywhere. Text Messaging is a great way to quickly […]

Quick Tip: Using Caps Lock on the iPhone

Here is a quick tip for your iPhone: How to use Caps Lock. Sometimes you just want to type in all capital letters and wish there was an easy way to do that without having to hold or keep hitting the shift key. Fortunately, although not completely intuitive, this is very easy to do. Please […]

Apple’s Little Spontaneity iPhone Charger

I call this little charger from a Spontaneity Charger, not because it spontaneously charges the iPhone or iPod, but because it allows you to add spontaneity to your life.  That’s right, its amazing.  Watch the video and you will see what I mean. If you are having problems viewing this video, CLICK HERE

What is the difference between POP email and iMAP?

I just got a new iPhone and started setting up email on it.  I have several email accounts.  I also use my desktop, my laptop, and now my iPhone to check my email.  As you can imagine, it can get very tedious to see the same thing in all three places. That is why I […]

New Apple iPhone 3G s – It’s Finally Here!

The new Apple iPhone is finally here (almost). It was announced yesterday and will be available on June 19th. It seems that many of my readers agree that the iPhone is the way to go. Here is my brief summary. I will start with what I like about the iPhone, then follow it with a […]

The iPhone or the Blackberry

This post is part of a new series called Product Reviews, where I will discuss and review products to let you know what I do and don’t like. Should I get an iPhone or a Blackberry? I am looking for your feedback. My current cell phone plan is expiring at the end of this year […]

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