Starbucks Mobile iPhone Payments is Here!

We are one step closer to being able to use your Smartphone for everything.  For most people I know, less is better.  That is, the less they have to carry with them the better.

You might soon be able to get rid of your wallet.  Wouldn’t that be great!?

Starbucks has released its own version of mobile payments.  Having to carry cash, or swipe a credit card is just too much for many people.  Turns out, a large percentage of Starbuck’s customers are already on their phone when they order their drinks.

Now, all they have to do is open the Starbuck’s Mobile Payment application on their iPhone or Blackberry and scan the bar code and — Voila!! —  they’ve paid!!

Here Is How It Works (on the iPhone)

  1. Go to the iPhone/iTunes Application Store. Find the Starbucks Card Mobile application:
    Starbuck's card mobile application
  2. Once you have downloaded the application, you need to open the application and “Get Started”:
    Getting started using Starbucks Card Mobile
    You can click on the “HOW DOES IT WORK?” video button to get a tutorial, or be adventurous and go straight to the “Get Started” button.
  3. Enter your  Starbuck’s Card Number and Code from the back of an existing Starbucks Card:
    Entering card number into Starbucks Card Mobile
    NOTE: You must already have a physical card to get started the first time.
  4. You will then be shown your card’s current balance and be given the option to make a payment:
    Making a payment using Starbucks Card Mobile

    1. In this example the card balance is $20.
    2. To make a payment at a Starbucks, press the “$ Touch to Pay ” button.
  5. You can now pay by scanning your phone. The barrister/cashier will show you how:
    Make your payment with the Starbuck's Card Mobile Application
    NOTE: Don’t forget to press the “Touch When Done” button.
  6. You also have the option of checking your balance, adding more money to your card and more:
    Checking balance and reloading cardAdding money to your Starbuck's cardChecking your Starbucks Rewards
  7. REMEMBER: Be careful, drink responsibly !


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    Place an order and pay ahead on the Starbucks app for iPhone or Android . That means you can walk in and without waiting in line, ask a barista for your freshly made order at the pickup area.

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